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Newline Metals International

Our expert team of professionals ensures a tailored and effective solution is offered to our customers for every transaction. Our extensive database and expertise in the precious metal industry enables us to provide best value for your product and dynamic decision making capability. Our E-Waste team manages sorting, collection and logistics, data destruction services, asset disposition and e-waste recycling. We provide end to end solution in metal refining and strive to derive higher returns for our customers.

Under the leader ship of Mathew John, our Director, Newline International has made a significant progress creating a prestigious supplier base which spans across 15 countries including India, USA, UK, Korea, Malaysia, China, Singapore and Indonesia amongst others. We are the largest buyers of ferrous and non-ferrous metal scrap within the local Australian market. We are an approved Aus-Trade member, which is a Government body for International Trade Assurance in Australia. The application areas of our products are in automobile industry, foundries and smelting units, manufacturing sector and precious metals refining industry. We have catered to a large base of clients, including Cimelia, ESA, Toyota, Tata Motors, Rainbow Export, One Steel, CNFC, NF Metals, JAG etc.

Our Expertise

Analysis & Sampling

Our partner analytical laboratory is professionally staffed with qualified chemists who are capable of  both wet and dry sample preparation and analysis. The laboratory is also equipped with an X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) machine, and Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometry (ICP OES), for fast, accurate and detailed analysis.

We can obtain representative and homogenous samples for assaying through dynamic and customised methodologies. Our systems and processes ensure accurate sampling of large volumes.

We also have access to third-party independent assayers who are able to bear witness to the sampling process and have extracted samples lots divided and retained by our suppliers for their own assaying.

Spent Automobile Catalyst

We provide best value for your spent Catalytic Converters and maximize the returns on the product through sophisticated processing standards which are in line with international benchmarks. Deal Direct, High Returns, Tailored Solutions, Commitment to Excellence and a Competitive offer are a few amongst the many perks of dealing with Newline.

There are more than 10,000 varieties of catalytic converters in the market. Identification and classification of catalytic converters is a complex process and can be quite daunting. We offer our expert knowledge for grading and classification and insights on recovery of precious metal content.

Ceramic monolith is the crushed and processed form of contents of catalytic converters. We can analyze and determine the PGM contents of the material through our lab facilities in most continents.

Our procurement styles are tailored to suit all customer needs and volumes. Our buying strategies cater for customers with volumes ranging from 50 to 50,000 units or kilos all inclusive. We provide best value for your spent Catalytic Converters and Ceramic Monolith and maximize the returns on the product through sophisticated processing standards.

Our catalogue is not only user friendly but also includes detailed images, makes, models, markings, weights of monoliths and PGM concentrations to provide added value for your product.

We also offer financial hedging services to 'lock in' precious metal prices. With these hedges, customers can increase their buying capacity at attractive lease rates, financing options and interest rates.

Why Us?


State of the art facility with round the clock operations for de-canning, assaying, sampling, analysis and processing.
Enhanced refining techniques for more efficient processing
In-house XRF and ICP analysis. Quick turnaround for both results and sample.



​​Loyalty Pays:

Hedging and Risk Management:


Our team of strategists and experts specialize in procurement and logistics solutions for our company, business partners and external clients globally. We provide excellent strategic sourcing, inventory management and shipping solutions. via road, sea and air freight. Our extensive supplier base enables us to provide reliable and cost effective logistics and procurement solutions. A unique hub-and-spoke model created through huge collection facilities optimizes inland transport solution and brings about successful partnerships.

PSIC and other Services

Pre-Inspection Certification:

Newline International is an approved agency for issuing Pre-shipment Inspection Certificate (PSIC) with its principal being Exim World. We are equipped with the latest devices for checking radiation levels, background radiations and assessment of explosive material. Newline can perform these inspections across all major continents and almost every Australasian country. We have highly trained and competent PSIC Inspectors that can travel to your port of loading and conduct the inspections. Our team is committed to highest professional standards for issuing PSICs.

Independent Third Party Inspections:

Our team of registered inspectors has been conducting inspection services for our customers across the globe. We have resources across major continents that are trained in carrying metal inspections, supplier assessments and product assessment in accordance with domestic as well as international benchmarks.

Paymaster Services:   

“Paymaster” is a person or entity appointed by investors, suppliers or buyers for dispensing funds, commission payments or phased payments for goods amongst other options. We also offer lawyer references for paymaster services if required to comply with certain industry compliance's and regulations. More information about this service can be obtained from our support team.

Certification and Other Services:

Newline International offers independent inspections and health check certificates for goods (mainly scrap metal) imported to countries such as Bangladesh, Vietnam and other nations. We are qualified for issuance of other certifications required in international trade such as Free of War and Bomb Certificate, Health Checks, Quality assessment report, metal analysis and other laboratory tests. Our support team will be able to provide more information regarding the certification and regulatory requirements based on your port of loading and destination port.

Primary Competitive Advantages

We are renowned as a leading metal scrap dealer with a number of past achievements, and future plans. Some of our highlights are as follows

To be next generation world leaders in the precious group of metals industry and redefine industry benchmarks through unique recycling practices.

Mission: We will provide end to end solution in metal refining through technological innovations, derive higher returns for our customers and enhance conservation of metals within our ecosystem.

Focus: To establish a state of the art metal refining facility which will regenerate metals into the purest form known to mankind and also provide tailored solution to our diverse clientele through customized metal recycling process.

Quality Assurance

As a leading entity in the industry, we understand and are committed towards our responsibility to provide premium quality materials through all our metal products. We ensure our standards are in line with internationally set industry norms, which marks our authenticity and credibility in the marketplace. We have sophisticated metal detection lab, and chemical analysis and testing facility to maintain the quality of our products and a consistent offer. Our company also has a highly skilled procurement team, which performs QA testing at the source of product, XRF & ICP testing for metal content detection and random quality audit to ensure consistency, adherence to benchmarks and quality assurance through our product line.

Product & Service Portfolio

We deal in a wide range of metals that are fabricated by processing under several scrap management systems. Below is the list of all our products.

  • Aluminum Scrap
    • Troma
    • UBC
    • Gearbox and Transmission
    • Irony Tense
    • Trump
    • Tread
    • Tally
  • Copper
    • Copper Wire Birch
    • Talk
    • Starter Motor and Alternator
    • Copper Scrap Millberry
    • Copper Scrap Candy
    • Copper Scrap Cliff
  • Automobile Recycling
    • Spent Catalytic Converters
    • Ceramic Monolith from catalytic converters
    • Car Bodies (HMS)
  • Ferrous Metals
    • PNS
    • Other FE scrap
    • HMS 1
    • HMS 2
  • E-Waste
    • ICP Chips
    • RAM
    • Hard Drives (HDD) Scrap
    • PC Boards
    • Mobile Phone/Boards

We are also providing:

Our Infrastructure

We are strongly supported by a robust infrastructure which spans across procurement, processing, assaying, refining, quality assurance, logistics etc. All these parts are efficiently managed by our internal teams. Our Sydney facility boasts an end-to-end automobile recycling unit which recycles more than 80% of the salvaged automobile. Melbourne hosts a copper granulation unit, catalytic converter semi-processing set-up as well hub for bin services across Australia. Geared with Ball-Mill Homogeniser, mobile metal detection equipment, metal detection lab and a advanced sampling-assaying division we perform all in-house activities with high productivity and efficiency. With the constant support of our infrastructure, we have successfully achieved a production capacity of +30,000 kilos per month average with high yield and maximum returns.

Our registered and trained team of inspectors facilitate inspection, analysis, detection and certification of metal scrap and commodities. We are registered with DGFT - India authorised principal for PSIC and also provide inspection and certification services for other destinations such as Vietnam and Bangladesh amongst others.

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